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Commercial Pest Control presents a variety of challenges. The evidence of insects can cause a major disruption to your business ranging from:

  • Loss of Customers

  • Loss of Production

  • Failed Inspections

  • Unsatisfied Reviews

Our trained associates at Frazier Pest Management specialize in commercial pest control services and inspections. We truly believe that education is one of our biggest tools and we take aim to present a safe and cost effective approach to servicing your business.

For Service

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How we Take Care of Business

Food service -Understanding the variety of pest pressure points on any restaurants or food service facility is vital to the organizations success. Our associates understand that each business is different, so a professional evaluation and inspection sets the tone for a pest free environment.


Retail-Customer satisfaction and good reputation are among the many attributes a business seeks for longevity. Our trained professionals seek out any pest


pressure points that would interfere with daily operations in the retail environment.


Schools- Our IPM approach to servings schools keeps Frazier Pest Management sharp and safe when apply pesticides to schools and daycares. A effective treatment may not always call for gallons of product to eradicate a specific pest, but rather a small prescription to eliminate a problem in a school or daycare.


Hospitality-There may be unique challenges when operating a Hospitality business. For this purpose our associates at Frazier has gone through extensive


training to assure that when these challenges arise, we are well prepared for the job.


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