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Termite Control

Did You Know?

  • Termites cause Americans more than $5 billion in damage each year

  • Termite colonies have a queen and a king

  • Termites cause more damage annually than natural disasters and fires

  • Every structure should be inspected annually 

  • On an average, every home or business has about 13 to 14 termite colonies per acre of land

  • On Average your property may have up to ONE MILLION Termites.

Why Annual Termite Inspections are Important

Homes and businesses in the southeast should periodically be inspected in order to control and stop the widespread of termites to the structure. The signs of termite damage can be very difficult to detect by the average homeowner or business owner. Calling for an expert inspector to routinely inspect the property for these wood destroying pest is highly recommended by Frazier Pest Management. Since no property is termite free, after an thorough inspection from one of our trained associates, your home or business should be treated with a effective termiticide or baiting system to assure termites won't have a chance to thrive on the structure.

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